Reference Logs

Generic (reflog reference)
(reflog (reference REFERENCE))
Method (entries (object REFLOG) &key start end)

Returns the elements of the collection OBJECT as a list. The start and end keyword arguments allow to retrieve a subset of all elements. All entries with index satisfying


are returned. If END is not specified or nil, no END condition exists. start defaults to 0.

See also: entries

Method (message (object REFLOG-ENTRY))

Return the message associated with OBJECT.

For example for commits this will return the commit message and for tags the message associated with the tag.

See also: message

Method (committer (object REFLOG-ENTRY))

Returns the committer’s signature of OBJECT.

A signature is a list with the keys :NAME :EMAIL and :TIME. The :NAME and :EMAIL values are strings, and the :TIME value is LOCAL-TIME timestamp.

See also: committer